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USB Multi-adapter
USB multi adapter helps to plug multiple devices for a variety of tasks and functions. These adapters have more than one connector i.e. USB Type-C, micro USB and Apple lightning for faster charging speed than the normal charger and helps in data syncing as well.

Browse for USB multiple adapter from our online store which are compatible with all devices – Android, Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Windows phones, Macbook, Chromebook, and many more. The Magnetic 3 in 1 USB Charging cable includes 3 adapters i.e. USB Type-C, Micro USB and Apple lightning. Since its a USB multi adapter, it supports charging and can be used for data transmission for 3 kinds of adapter devices.

The magnetic connection makes it easier to absorb the cable to the connector at the right direction every time, making it more convenient for charging or data syncing. These adapters comes with LED light indicator that shows the working status of the cable and light up the device is charging. This magnetic connection reduces the abrasion between the cable and your equipment. These adapters have beautiful anti-dust plug that gives protection to your equipment.

These multi-adapters are pretty affordable and you may select the one of your choice to avoid any problems and ensure some longevity. Such an adapter is easy to carry along for travel or at home serving multiple purposes. Buy one and experience the benefits of high power charging. Such USB chargers behaves like a multi device charging station for powering mobile devices of all types.