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Type-C Cables
Type-C cables are the current big thing when it comes to charging a device. Earlier it used to take minimum of two-three hours to charge your laptops or smartphones but now the Type-C cables have been introduced which are super-fast. It merely takes an hour to get your devices charged up completely. However, Type-C USB ports are found only on new models of laptops and smartphones. The unique shape of connector helps USB-C in charging and transferring data in an expedited manner. You can avoid the mess created by different cables by using a Type-C charger or cable. These cable are extra tough as they are either metal or nylon braided cables. These USB cables are durable and long lasting and unlike Micro-USB cables, they are several times longer than standard cables.

Shop for most usable USB Type C cables used as mobile phone accessories for charging and data transfer purposes. These Type C cables are nylon braided that makes it sturdy, pet-proof, and tangle-free giving added durability and support. It can also be used as syncing cable for all type of devices having USB-C type connection. They are compatible with all types of devices using USB Type-C connection and is available in variable lengths. The variable length of these cables ensures that your life goes on whilst you are comfortable by letting you connect your phone, tablet or other devices further than before. These Type-C cables are compatible for your Macbook, ChromeBook, Google Pixel, Nexus, OnePlus, Samsung, Huawei, Sony Xperia XZ, LG, Asus Zen, Lenovo, HP Pavilion, ASUS ZenPad, New Nokia N1 tablet, Nintendo Switch, etc.