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Lightning Cables

With the advancement in technology, every person wants to experience fast data connectivity to make their work done faster and quicker. In order to address slow charging and slow data transfers, the lightning cables has been launched in the market for fast charging and data transfer among devices. The ones available by Apple are high quality lightning cables which are genuine lightning cables being thoroughly tested for charging purposes and can also be used as syncing cable for your Apple devices.

These lightning cables have the capability to transfer data more faster among the mobile devices. Such cables increase the user experience. Check out various USB lightning cables for your iPhone and android devices available at online store. These high quality cables are ultra fast in data transfer and power sync with increased flexibility, durability and support. These cables are fully compatible with apple devices.

The lightning cables are also known as fast charging USB cables and you may browse our store for 3 in 1 magnetic USB fast charging cables and 3 in 1 Nylon braided USB Charging Cable that comes along with 3 adapters: USB Type-C, Micro USB and Apple lightning. These cables are convenient for charging or data syncing and are compatible with almost all devices like Android, Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Windows phones, Macbook, Chromebook, and many more. They have high speed sync and charging offering max current charging speed up to 2.4A, and data transfer speed up to 480Mbps. It also has LED indicator to show the working status of the cable and lights up during charging.