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Audio Accessories & Video Accessories Belgium is a one-stop resource for all of audio and video accessories that enhances performance and convenience. From basic arrangements to elaborate multi-media control centers, your choice of the right outboard gear, connectivity, and storage solutions can ensure that your system works at its maximum capacity.

Our video accessories are available at the most affordable cost. Browse our accessories collection like LED lamps, Bluetooth wireless speakers, high speed gold plated HDMI cables, USB waterproof wireless speakers, wireless headphones (like DJ UP, noise cancelling) and much cooler kinds of stuff here. These small items may appear small or irrelevant, however many of them are an absolute necessity if you want your system to work well.

The audio and video accessories available at our online store have unique features. For instance, LED lamps along with 3 dimmable levels of soft and warm light can be best used as bedside night light for kids in their room. Cute pet or bulldog style wireless speakers have additional AUX audio input interface. These speakers appropriate for self-use or as a gift item for others. The high speed 4K HDMI cables available in various cord lengths are 24K gold plated to deliver high connectivity and signal transfer. Stylish Mini USB Waterproof & Wireless Speakers are great for indoor and outdoor use and allows to hear crisp, clear and full elegant bass having frequency range of 150 Hz to 18 kHz. The wireless slide noise cancelling headphones produce clean sound, deep bass and has unique feature of passive noise-cancellation so that able to listen to your favourite music without any distractions.